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Licensing Overview

accessChild day care centers in Alabama legally operate in one of two ways: Licensed or license exempt. All centers that require a license must be licensed by the Department of Human Resources and renewed every two years. The Department of Human Resources prescribes and enforces minimum standards for licensing approval. Consultation is provided to assist providers and parents. Every licensed center must be in compliance with licensing regulations as prescribed by the State Department of Human Resources.

The Child Care Services Division, Office of Child Care Licensing is responsible for the following functions:

  • Licensing day care/nighttime centers and homes.
  • Visiting day care/nighttime centers and homes to verify compliance with Minimum Standards.
  • Maintaining information filed by churches choosing to be exempt from licensure.
  • Investigating licensing violation complaints and recommending adverse action for day care centers and homes when non-compliance of standards warrant.
  • Offering consultation to prospective and existing day care/nighttime center and home providers.
  • Interpreting Minimum Standards for day care/nighttime centers and homes.

  • Application For A License to Operate a Day Care/Nighttime Center
    Statewide Day Care Centers Directory

    More Information
    Licensing Process
    License Exempt Day Care Facilities
    Information to be Submitted to the Department of Human Resources Before a Day Care Center is Licensed
    Day Care Center License Requirements
    Minimum Standards for Day Care Centers and Nighttime Centers Manual - Alabama Law, Code of Alabama 1975, Title 38, (Chapter 7, pages 105-116 of Minimum Standards Manual)

    Minimum Standards for Family Day Care Homes, Family Nighttime Homes, Group Day Care Homes and Group Nighttime Homes (PDF File)
    Health and Safety Official CCDF Guidelines (PDF File)
    Out of School Time Health and Safety Guidelines Book (PDF File)

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