Chapter 2

Application Procssing

200        General Purpose

201        Food Assistance Application Form

202        Filing an Application

A.       Household’s Right to File

B.       Contacting the Food Assistance Office

C.       Availability of the Application Form

D.       Notice of Right to File

E.        Withdrawing an Application

203        Household Cooperation

A.       Cooperation with the County Department to Determine Eligibility

B.       Cooperation with Quality Control

204        Interviews

A.       Office Interview

B.       Waiver of the Office Interview

C.       Scheduling Interviews for Applications with 30-Day Processing Standards

205        Verification

A.       Mandatory Verification

B.       Verification of Questionable Information

C.       Verification of Shelter and Dependent Care Expenses

D.       Sources of Verification

E.        Responsibility for Obtaining Verification

F.        Documentation

G.       State Data Exchange (SDX) and Beneficiary Data Exchange (BENDEX)

H.       Verification Subsequent to Initial Certification

I.         Use of IEVS

206        Normal Processing Standard

A.       Thirty-Day Processing

B.       Denying the Application

207        Delays in Processing

A.       Determining Cause

B.       Delays Caused by the Household

C.       Delays Caused by the County Department

D.       Delays beyond 60 Days

208        Expedited Service

A.       Entitlement to Expedited Service

B.       Identifying Households Needing Expedited Service

C.       Processing Standards

D.       Special Procedures

209        Special Procedures for Reopening Cases after Household Fails to Provide Verification

210        Public Assistance and Categorically Eligible Households

A.      Categorically Eligible Households

B.       Expanded Categorically Eligible Households

211        SSI Households

A.       Initial Application and Eligibility Determination

B.       Recertification

212        Households Applying for or Receiving Social Security Benefits

213        Providing Benefits to Participants

A.       General

B.       Newly Certified Households

C.       Ongoing Households

214        Confidentiality and Disclosure of Information

A.       Use or Disclosure without the Household’s Permission

B.       Use or Disclosure with the Household’s Permission

C.       Making Records Available