Chapter 11

Action on Households with Special Circumstances

1100          Self-employment Income

A.      Annualizing Self-employment Income

B.       Determining Monthly Income from Self-employment

C.       Capital Gains

D.      Allowable Costs of Producing Self-employment Income

E.       Assigning Certification Periods

F.       Special Instructions for Farmers in USDA Payment-in-Kind (PIK) Program

1101          Boarders

A.      Households with Boarders

B.       Income from the Boarder

C.       Cost of Doing Business

D.      Deductible Expenses from Boarders

1102          Treatment of Resources, Income and Deductions of Certain Non-household Members

A.      Disqualifications Due To:

B.       Disqualifications Due To:

C.       Reduction or Termination of Benefits within the Certification Period

1103          Treatment of Resources and Income of Other Non-household Members

1104          Residents of Drug/Alcohol Treatment and Rehabilitation Programs

1105          Blind or Disabled Residents of Group Living Arrangements

1106          Shelter for Battered Women and Children

1107          Homeless Food Assistance Households

1108          Households Containing Sponsored Alien Members

1109          Households Requesting Replacement of Allotments or Food Destroyed in a Disaster

1110          Households with a Decrease in Income Due to a Non-compliance with a Public/General Assistance Program Requirement

1111          Timely Imposition of IPV Disqualification Periods

1112          Day Care Providers