Chapter 10

Determining Household Eligibility and Benefit Level

1000          Month of Application for All Households

A.      Determination of Eligibility and Benefit Levels

B.       Application for Recertification

C.       Anticipated Changes

D.      Changes in Allotment Levels

1001          Determining Resources for Prospectively Budgeted Households

1002          Determining Income for Prospectively Budgeted Households

A.      Anticipating Income

B.       Income Only in Month Received

C.       Income Averaging

1003          Determining Deductions for All Households

A.      Disallowed Expenses

B.       Billed Expenses

C.       Averaging Expenses

D.      Anticipating Expenses

E.       Conversion of Deductions

F.       Energy Assistance Payments

G.      Entitlement to Medical Deductions and Uncapped Shelter Expenses

1004          Calculating Net Income and Benefit Levels

A.      Calculating Net Income

B.       Eligibility and Benefits

C.       Destitute Households

1005          Certification Periods

1006          Certification Notices to Households

A.      Notice of Eligibility

B.       Notice of Denial

C.       Notice of Pending Status

D.      Application for Recertification

E.       Identification (ID) Cards